Suicide and depression

Suicide is one of the most severe side effects of depression. Depression is a chemical imbalance that allows a person to become out of control. They are unable to control their mood swings, diet, and rest. A person's life is disrupted completely when someone is diagnosed with depression. Those who have severe depression is also mostly diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It doesn't make you weird it doesn't make you different. It just acknowledges the fact that everyone handles stress and life events differently.

When it comes to depression a person will begin to feel like they has no energy and eventually like they have no reason to live. They have no reason to want to survive their crisis and have no hope to ever feel better. The hopelessness gives a person a reason not to want to try. People who are severely depressed may be in denial that they are and it is at this point where someone from outside the situation needs to come in an intervene.

The problem with depression is that most people don't reach out for help. They don't get a true diagnose or treatment for their depression and they struggle to live within their own mind. Some people who do seek treatment are diagnosed wrongly. They aren't diagnosed for depression but other mental disorders that are much worse. Being misdiagnosed is one of the reasons why people with depression committee suicide.

There are many medications that claim to help relieve the suicidal effects of depression. Lithium is just one of the medications. Lithium has been given to patients for decades and was once just for bipolar patients. Today, Lithium has been recognized as a way to stop the suicidal thoughts and it has been noted to help others deal more confidently with their disease. Although it cannot cure depression or even relieve depression, it enables the thoughts of death and hopelessness.

To tell if someone near and dear to you is dealing with depression and possible contemplating suicide you will want to look in a change of attitude. Have things that once meant something to them now mean nothing? Do they still want to do hobbies and such that they once loved? Have they pulled away from you? Any "yes"' to any of these questions might mean that they are dealing with something that they can't handle by themselves. They may be dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts.

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