Teenage depression

Everyone will experience bad moods or short periods of feelings blue, but major depression is different. It will actually limit the ability to function normally. Many teenagers who experience depression are written off as just being a teenager, but four out of every one hundred teenagers will become serious depressed and many of them are ignored and they die from it.

When you are in your teenage years, you have a lot to deal with. You have your grades, college, sex, drugs, and relationships, and losses to deal with before you are even 16 years old. Some of the added pressure from parents seem to make things worse.

Some of the side effects of teenage depression is the basic signs of depression. You will notice changes in their eating and sleeping habits. They will lose or gain a lot of weight. You may notice that they are missing more school, grades will drop, and they will become an issue at school.

They will also withdraw from friends and family. Some will stop doing anything that they once enjoyed and became full of rage or anxiety. They will overreact to simple things and they will have strong feelings of adequacy. Because they don't feel whole, they will turn to sex, drugs, or alcohol; which will build up their thoughts of suicide. Those who are most at risk are those who have panic attacks, delusions, insomnia, or hallucinations.

Depression will make teenagers do a lot of things that are harmful. They will begin to dabble in drugs and self injury. A recent test has shown that thousands of middle school, high school, and college students in American turn to self injury to help deal with their depression. Many claim that it makes them feel like they aren't themselves. It makes them feel somewhat high so they can distract themselves.

Depression has been linked with high suicide rates when it comes to adolescents. It has been indicated that children as young as five has committed suicide. Those who have depression are possible potential victims. They don't have to show any violence and reasoning. Teenagers learn how to conceal themselves and show the perfect image of what is expected of them.

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