Why people with depression don't seek medical attention.

Over 75% of all people with depression are never diagnosed and don't seek treatment. Why? Today it is known the side effects that depression can have on a person. You never know how a person will react to the simplest things when they are depressed. Some people can handle a lot of stress and others are very fragile.

Hundreds of people day each year because their depression was not diagnosed. Because they didn't seek help, many give in to the thoughts and commit suicide. The hardest thing a parent has to do is deal with their child's suicide and the same goes when someone loses their father, their mother, their grandparent, their sibling, and their mate.

What holds people back from going to treatments? The truth to depression is the fact that the person cannot stand on their own. They need help, they need guidance. Those who allow signs to go unnoticed are the reasons among others that aids in a person's reasoning for suicide. These other reasons are society based and emotional obstacles.

Today it is unheard of that anyone would be sad or depressed because of nothing. No one grasps the fact that it's an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. The way our family and friends and society perceives us can paralyze a person with depression. They don't want to be a disappointment to anyone so they don't speak and they try to hide their feelings, but eventually it becomes too much.

As for the emotional obstacles a person will be in denial, feel hopeless, feel shame, and fearful. Denial is a common feeling because society tries to hold back feelings that aren't happy. They don't want others to share the dark side or the sad side, so they pretend and one day they can't pretend anymore.

Many people feel weak or girly because they give in to the sadness. It makes a person feel shameful and adequate. When these feelings are supported, it can be devastating to the patient and their mental health. Because they feel that, they can't reach out; that they would be punished by society if they did, many feel hopeless. Like there's nothing they can do but give in. Others avoid treatment because they fear that they will lose control. That they will be in therapy or on medication for the rest of their life. Rather you are in therapy on a regular basis of on medication, there's no shame in that, because you aren't losing control, but taking control of your life.

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