Diabetes Signs & Symptoms

If you already know you are at risk for diabetes then the next thing you should do is find out what the signs and symptoms are so you

can watch for them. If you are experiencing any signs and you know you are at risk, let your doctor know as soon as possible. Keeping diabetes under control is the best way of preventing future problems and extending both your quality and quantity of life.

The signs and symptoms of Type I and Type II diabetes are similar, but there are some differences. Because most Type I diabetics

develop their symptoms quickly they end up in the Emergency Room and are often diagnosed before any long-term signs are noticed. Type II diabetics often only have mild symptoms or they many not have any of the early signs at all therefore they only get diagnosed when they have chronic problems or a crisis situation.

Early signs and symptoms of both Type I and Type II diabetes are fatigue, increased hunger, excessive thirst along with frequent urination; possibly getting up several times a night to urinate. Even though their appetite has grown Type I diabetics may experience weight loss, as well as nausea and vomiting. Later signs and symptoms are most commonly seen in Type II diabetics who did not experience any early signs or symptoms. These include blurred vision, loss of feeling or pain in the extremities, erectile dysfunction and wounds that heal slowly or not at all.

The signs and symptoms of individuals will vary and if you are concerned about your blood sugar you should check with your doctor. You can purchase a home glucose test kit (they may even let you borrow one) and monitor yourself over time to see how you are doing. Your doctor can also run some blood tests to see if you are a high risk and to see how you have been managing your blood glucose

over time. The most important thing is getting the diagnosis so you can begin to control the outcomes.

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