Diabetes alcohol

When you have diabetes should you really drink alcohol? That is a questions that many diabetics are asking. You are able to dink alcohol in moderation when you are a diabetic. But it is not good to really mix alcohol with any kind of medication.

You know for your self that you are going to be putting your health at a greater risk when you are drinking alcohol all the time. It will not only help give you kidney problems but it will take a role in how your glucose levels are acting. You even know that your doctor will advise against drinking any alcohol with being a diabetic and even when you are not a diabetic. There are going to be some that will disagree with what the doctor may say about drinking alcohol it is going to be the best if you do not drink alcohol with being a diabetic.

You are actually able to drink some alcohol when you are a diabetic but you may need to watch you sugar levels from drinking. Some of the alcohol that is out there may either lower your sugar or it could even raise it to an unsafe level. There may be a couple solutions for the different changes in the sugar levels. You will need to make sure that you are eating something while drinking alcohol. For some you will need to substitute a food for the alcohol that they are drinking.

In reality it is going to be better for you to avoid drinking alcohol so that you are not going to have to worry about any complications that may come about while you are drinking and having a good time. You should really ask your doctor about the use of alcohol with the medications that you are taking for your diabetes. You really do not want to find out that you should have not mixed the two together by ending up in the hospital from it. When some of the medications are mixed it could be very harmful or even deadly for you. You really do not want to put your family through the pain of seeing you in the hospital from mixing alcohol and medications.

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