Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. When you are pregnant and find that you have gestational diabetes you will be giving some stick order to follow. It is going to be a real good idea to make sure that you are following the strict diet that you are given. When you follow the strict diet that is given you should not have any complications with your pregnancy. Another good thing with the gestational diabetes is that it usually goes away after the pregnancy.

The best treatment for gestational diabetes is the proper diet and exercise. If you are not eating right and exercising correctly you may not be able to control your blood sugar levels you may end up having to take insulin to help control it. If the gestational diabetes is not controlled you could end up with complications from it with the mother and baby after birth.

You are going to be check for high blood sugar levels early in the pregnancy when they give you the orders to go for blood work. If your first blood test comes back saying that you have high sugar they will end up sending you for a three hour blood work. You will want to make sure that when you are being sent for some blood test that if they tell you to fast for so many hours that you do. If you do not listen about the fasting, part of the testing then you will end up with inaccurate numbers. You need to remember that with gestational diabetes you are not just dealing with your health, because you are also dealing with the health of an unborn baby. You do not want to harm your unborn baby because of the gestational diabetes that you have developed during the pregnancy.

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