Comparing Face Lift Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and a face lift is a significant operation. There are many factors to compare and consider when opting for a face lift, including the type of face lift, your surgeon, and more. A good face lift will take years off your face, but it is important to choose the face lift best suited to your personal needs.

A standard face lift lifts sagging skin and occasionally the underlying muscles. Face lifts do not impact the skin or tissues of the upper face, focusing only on lifting the skin at the lower part of the face, including the chin, jaw, and cheeks. A traditional facelift may be combined with a mid-face lift, eyelid surgery, a forehead lift, and neck liposuction for a more complete youthful appearance.

You should be aware of the type of face lift surgery your surgeon performs. Will the operation impact only skin, or will he tighten the underlying muscles and fatty tissues (called SMAs) during your face lift. Comparing types of face lift surgery is an important part of the selection procedure. Some surgeons cut out excess SMAs when performing a face lift, but this procedure bears higher long term risks and provides no significant benefits. Feeling comfortable with your face lift surgeon is particularly critical. You want to be certain that your surgeon is conscientious and competent, as well as very familiar with performing face lift surgery.

Face lift surgery is a major decision, and one that should be made with caution. If you choose your face lift surgeon and procedures carefully, you will likely be happy with the results and your new youthful face.

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