Short-term family health insurance

Short-term family health insurance is needed for those who are between jobs, who are without coverage for any length of time and for those who are in transition between other plans. Short-term health insurance coverage is available for as short as three months and up to a year. Short term insurance could be more expensive in some manners, but you are securing your finances in case something happens during that time when you don't have the full coverage your family had otherwise.

What is short-term health insurance?

Short-term health insurance is a plan that you purchase for just a few months. Short term insurance doesn't have to be something you pay a lot of money for if you are choosing a plan that covers just hospital visits and such. If you choose a short term plan that covers the major bills, or major illness factors you can still have the protection against those things that could happen in life without the worry about the what if's in life. Perhaps you are between jobs, and your new health insurance doesn't kick in for six months, short-term health insurance gives you the coverage you need, during this time, without the worry about an accident occurring and using up all of your savings.

How do you obtain short-term health insurance?

Apply for health insurance as if you were going to purchase it for years, you don't have to tell the private company you are going to need it just for a few months, but you pay the premium for a few months and then cancel your insurance when you don't need it any longer. Some companies will offer certain packages for short term insurance, but you will have to compare the rates and coverage as well. Generally, the rates are going to be higher because you need it just for a little while, but if you compare the other regular coverage you can apply for you may find your best savings in that manner. Read, compare and then purchase for the best decision making process when purchasing health insurance.

Three reasons to get short term insurance

Because you just never know when an accident could happen, you need some type of short term insurance. Cover those medical bills so you are not creating debt that you will have to worry about for years to come. If you never use that short term insurance, you don't have to worry about the money spent, because it could have always been worse if someone had an accident and needed stitches or needed a cast for a broken bone. Short term insurance is protection for your future. Short term insurance is not a commitment for years to come, but just for a few months, so even if it is more expensive right now than what you could afford other wise, you have to look at it, because you don't need to pay that bill forever each month. You have other insurance coming, so you know your medical bills will be covered in the long run. You don't have to stick with this company if you don't like them forever. Just get through this point in your life and good things will happen later as you start that new job, or you move to the new state or as you find other better health insurance.

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