Hair loss due to thyroid

There are so many people today that have to deal with a thyroid problem. Thyroid disease is very common and can be the cause of some people loosing their hair. It is believed that people that suffer from thyroid disease will also have a great deal of hair loss to deal with. Thyroid is linked to our hair functions.

Many people will have symptoms of thinning hair and will not even know that they do have a thyroid problem. This would be a good time to consult with a physician about the problems. There are some people that will have an overactive or under active thyroid problem. For either case, it is important to get treatment. Hair loss due to thyroid is something that can be controlled.

The first step to deal with hair loss due to thyroid is to restore a normal thyroid function. You can get treatment from a physician for this problem. Taking vitamins and medicine will help solve this type of ordeal and get you back on track for better hair growth. There are many tests available to help determine what the problems are and how to treat them best. Many of thyroid patients have to have hormone replacement treatment to have results.

The first step in hair loss due to thyroid is to get an evaluation. Go to a doctor to make sure this is what is causing the problem. You can then go on to getting treatment and getting the problem under control. When you starting out with the treatment, you may find that your hair is not growing as fast as you would like. This will take time and once your body has adjusted, you can expect to have an abundance of hair growth that you will feel comfortable with.

While you are waiting for the process of getting help from hair loss due to thyroid, you can consider some other options for this problem. There are drugs and supplements that you can take, but may not resolve the hair loss problem. There are other options that may be best for your situation.

There is hair transplant surgery. You will have donor hair follicles taken from an area of your head that is not thinning and implanted in the thinning areas on your head. When this treatment is successful, the transplanted follicles begin to regrow. This may require several different treatments if necessary.

You may also want to consider a wig or hairpiece until the hair loss due to thyroid is controlled. This may be the key factor in treating your problem and getting it under control.

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