Hair loss in children

Hair loss in children is not seen very often. There are however, many children who have to deal with some form of hair loss when they are young for one reason or another. There are many children that suffer from losing their hair early but will grow out of this terrible disorder as they grow older. Other children that have to deal with loosing their hair will not be able to grow out of it and will have to find alterternate ways to deal with the problem.

There are plenty of reasons why children have to deal with hair loss. Some of the reasons are very common while others are more defined. Some children are born with a full head of hair, while others are completely bald. For some babies, they will grow their hair in fast and others will take a few years before their head is covered in a full mane. This can be simply genetics or luck.

Many kids have to deal alpaca areata. This is going to be the most common cause in children. This is said to be caused by the body's immune system reacting to the hair growth site. There is often no treatment needed because most children have their hair grow back with in a year. There are medications that will help the immune system along however, the side effects are high.

It is said that ringworm plays a part with hair loss in children. This is an infection that is common in very young children. This is not associated with being in a dirty environment, it is an infection that gets into the roots and treatment is needed to resolve the problem. There are shampoos and oral medications that need to be used until the problem is handled.

Many children have a condition where they like to pull or tug at their own hair. This is a good reason why a child is loosing hair. Many children do this as a nervous disorder and do not even realize they are doing it. This is a condition that hopefully the child will grow out of, as they get older.

Many people say that hair loss in children is due to hats, headband, vitamins, or a number of other reasons. This is not necessarily true and it may be a good idea to get the child checked out by a physician to make sure there is nothing to worry about.

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