Hair Restoration Costs

The cost of hair restoration and hair transplants varies between surgeons who perform the procedure. Some surgeons will charge per session and some will charge per graft. A graft is the amount of hair they can restore in one spot on a person’s head. The amount of hairs you get done by the surgeon at one time also varies. On average, each graft can range from 1-5 hairs. In one clinic, 1,000 grafts will replace 2,000-4,000 hairs. But in another clinic, 1,000 grafts may only replace 1,000-1,500 hairs.

Hair restoration costs per graft can range from $2.50-$10 each, which means that the total price for hair transplant surgery can range from $2,000-$15,000. The entire cost of the surgery will depend on how large an area needs to be restored. The total cost will also depend on the amount of hair loss there is, as well as the expectations the patient has for the surgery.

In recent years, graft prices have greatly decreased, making hair restoration costs more affordable for potential patients. A few years ago, it was quite common for a single graft to cost $15.

Currently, the most efficient and effective hair transport clinics do bigger sessions that cover more in a shorter amount of time. Also, the results have become much better for the patient. Another phenomenon that has decreased hair restoration costs in recent years is the popularity of the Internet. People shopping for products online have really helped with prices for hair transplants, making the procedure more affordable for everyone.

Another exciting feature of hair transplant surgery today is that most clinics offer monthly payment plans. This means that if a customer does not have enough money upfront to pay for the procedure, it is still very possible for them to get it done with a little budgeting and planning ahead.

In regards to value, surgical treatments can be less expensive in the long run in comparison to non-surgical treatments. With a non-surgical treatment, hair restoration costs are many and often. The upfront cost is approximately $1,200 and this needs to be replaced about once a year. In addition to this, hair replacements need to be regularly groomed. The cost of grooming costs approximately $75 per visit and needs to be done about every month and a half.

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