Hair Restoration FAQ’s

Losing your hair can be a devastating experience. Since many of us tie our self confidence to our appearance, it is understandable that premature balding can contribute to low self esteem. For this reason, many hair restoration FAQ’s have been raised repeatedly. At the forefront is the primary hair restoration question, “Is there some way I can make my hair grow back again?”

This question is one that in some senses seems to complex to answer with a simple solution. With companies like Rogaine and other related products focusing entire product lines on hair restoration and medical companies even offering surgical solutions, it is important to remember that there is one universal truth. The key to re-growing hair is through stimulation of the hair follicle.

No hair restoration technique will be successful without follicle stimulation. A person will need to boost blood flow to their scalp to make sure that they have healthy hair that is growing in a thick, strong, and shiny pattern. Although there are different techniques and products used to promote hair restoration, they all operate with the same goal in mind.

Another FAQ about hair restoration is the question, “Am I really experiencing abnormal hair loss?” Keep in mind that it is normal to lose up to 150 hairs per day. If you feel that you are losing more hair than that, you may want to research hair restoration techniques. Some of the techniques for hair restoration can be as basic as ingesting vitamins like Vitamin B. Talk to your doctor about ways to promote healthy hair growth. With so many new options available for hair restoration, there is hope for those experiencing the early symptoms of premature balding.

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