Hair Restoration The Problems

Hair restoration is quite common as technology improves and transplants and such become more affordable. While hair restoration gets a lot of good press there are also some problems with it. One of the most common problems is that people use products like Rogaine when they are suffering from severe or long term baldness. What a lot of people don’t realize is that these products do not work well on those that are suffering from severe balding or those that have been bald for a long time. This is a problem because many people spend a good deal of money on these products before they realize that they are not for them.

Another problem with hair restoration is that the transplants often do not take, meaning once the procedure is completed the hair fails to thrive. Not only does the hair not grow, it can actually damage the good growth around the transplant site, leaving the client balder than they were before! Many people also experience scarring from the donor site, which can be an issue especially if the donor site was on a part of the scalp! Many people have several transplant procedures done in a row and it isn’t until they have paid for all of them that they realize that the transplants will not grow properly, if at all. This can be a huge loss to the client, one that leaves them with an empty bank account and even more concerned about their baldness than they were before. These are problems that everyone considering hair restoration should consider before going through with any process. Hair restoration has the ability to improve the way a person looks, but there are no guarantees!

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