Hair Restoration

Death and taxes, they say, are the two inescapable certainties of life; well they forgot to add that if you are a guy you could add hair loss to that short list. It comes to (almost) us all with perhaps up to eighty percent of men suffering the onset of baldness at some time in their lives. However, when you first notice that thinning crown you don’t have to be quietly resigned to the fact; hair restoration could be at hand.

Before you start looking into hair restoration it is important to first understand why you might be losing your hair. Most likely it will be the naturally occurring hormone DHT. In healthy hair this hormone combines with a structure known as an “androgen receptor” which together carries out the normal process of the creation of proteins in follicles that control the growth of hair. When these two factors are out of kilter then the slow degradation of the follicle can result. Though this is by no means the only possible cause, and it is well worth consulting a tricologist before taking on any hair restoration techniques.

Many people who have the kind of “Androgenic Alopecia” just described first turn to topical treatments like DHT inhibitors or growth stimulant antiandrogens. These are not without reported side effects and indeed of little use if you have experience hair loss for some time. Another possibility for hair restoration worth considering is one of a number of surgical procedures. Plugs are now a well-established method of hair restoration as are “mini micrografts,” yet both are surpassed in naturalness achieved by the recent innovation of follicular unit grafts. If you are concerned about your hair loss, does something about it sooner rather than later; consider hair restoration methods.

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