Heart Rate Monitor

If you have health concerns, if you are an avid exercise junkie or you need to lose some weight, you may want to consider buying yourself a heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor is a little portable device that looks somewhat like a large watch that consists of a chest strap transmitter and wrist receiver used to monitor your heart rate while engaging in exercise or other physical activity.

The heart rate monitor was originally invented for use by swimmers by Robert Treffene, an Australian physicist, and the first wireless version of the heart rate monitor came about in 1977 for athletes—specifically for a professional ski team in Finland. Eventually the heart rate monitor evolved into what it is today, a personal device used by athletes for performance training as well as by everyone else meeting everyday fitness goals.

A heart rate monitor is a great way to see if you’re reaching your targeted heart rate while exercising for maximum fat-burning and calorie-burning. It is also a handy tool to ensure you’re not going into overdrive and making your heart pump too fast or too hard. In particular, heart patients, pregnant women or others who have been given exercise precautions may want to invest in a good quality heart rate monitor so they can exercise without worry.

Depending on your goals, future needs and budget, there are several different options to consider in choosing a heart rate monitor. You can find simple heart rate monitors that monitor heart rate only for fairly cheap, and pay a bit more for higher quality models and brands with extra features, such as number of calories burned, and models that allow you to download information onto your computer.

Look for a heart rate monitor at your local department stores, fitness stores and sports shops, or you can choose the convenience of shopping online to maximize your selection and better compare prices.

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