The Benefits of a Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors allow you to effectively workout and keep in your target heart rate zone without going too high and risking heart complications from stressing your body beyond it’s fitness level. The additional benefits of a heart rate monitor, aside from not having to stop mid-workout and count your beats at a pulse point, will depend on the model and style you choose and the features they offer. Heart rate monitors offer a wide variety of features to suit your individual workout needs, but their main objective and benefit is to keep you aware of your heart rate, and keep it in safe workout limits.

The most accurate heart rate monitor typically features a chest strap. The chest strap fits snugly around your chest just below the breast, which is the optimal area for heart rate monitor sensors to detect the electrical activity of your heart. The sensor then transmits your heart rate to a wristband or earphones to relay your heart rate information to you. You can also purchase pulse monitors. However, pulse heart monitors require that you stop and take your pulse on demand, while the chest strap heart monitor allows you to have a seamless workout.

Whatever type of heart rate monitor you choose, the benefits of a heart rate monitor are the same. By being aware of your heart rate, you can learn how your heart functions under different conditions and gradually increase your workout to hit the optimal heart rate target zone whether you are walking or doing other exercise activities. Using a heart rate monitor allows you to adjust the intensity of your workout based on your bodies needs. You can either speed up or slow down your workout to meet your target heart rate zone without exceeding safe limits for your personal workout.

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