Who Needs a Heart Rate Monitor

You might wonder, when preparing to formulate an exercise plan, who really needs a heart rate monitor. Are they only for those so out of shape as to have to worry about keeling over as soon as they start working out? Or are heart rate monitors only applicable to the other end of the spectrum, the professional athletes who need specialized electronics to push their bodies those extra millimeters of efficiency?

The answer is yes. Yes to the out of shape, yes to the professional athletes, and yes to the rest of us. Knowing your heart rate as you exercise is an extremely useful training tool, and the way to know that is to wear a heart rate monitor. Some heart rate monitors even have programmable workout routines built in and sound alarms to let you know whether you should work out harder or let up a bit – after all, if you don’t work out hard enough you won’t improve, and if you work out too hard your body will damage itself too much to really improve.

Heart rates are also useful for anyone who wants to estimate their current fitness level. Monitoring your heart rate at rest and while exercising will give you a great estimate of just how strong your heart is. A strong heart means a long life and greatly improved aerobic endurance, and is capable of keeping your oxygen supply – and therefore your overall energy – high. And the best way to keep track of your heart rate is to wear a heart rate monitor.

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