Why Use a Heart Rate Monitor

So, you say, you’ve already got a fairly decent exercise routine. You work out every day, or three days a week, or two, and you feel good afterwards. Why use a heart rate monitor? What can it really do for you? The answer is, quite a bit. Professional athletes use heart rate monitors to maximize their training efficiency; so can you.

A heart rate monitor, usually in the form of a large watch, lets you know some basic statistics, such as your heart rate at any given time or the number of calories you’ve likely burned over the course of a workout. More advanced models can be programmed to include exercise regimens as well. You can program in your target heart rate range for a specific workout, and your heart rate monitor will inform you when you start working too hard or stop working hard enough. This allows you to maximize your training efficiency and achieve the most results for your time.

A heart rate monitor is also great for letting you know what your overall fitness level. There’s nothing like working out day after day and finally realizing that your resting heart is strong, steady and slow instead of the old fluttery palpitation of the unfit body.

Remember, your heart is your most important muscle, and it’s wise to take care of it. A strong, healthy heart means a long life, and there’s nothing like a good heart rate monitor to help you take care of it in the best way possible.

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