A State of Mind

Hypnotherapy could be defined as a health alternative approach in which you alter your thought processes in order to control your fears or rid yourself of specific addictions or bad habits. Overcoming these problems is really about your state of mind. Hypnotherapy courses are available for topics ranging from fear of flying to interacting with your co-workers. Statistics show that anywhere from 75 to 100 million Americans could benefit from hypnotherapy: if they elected to utilize such therapy techniques.

Hypnotherapy focuses on your state of mind, with the goal of altering the mental thought processes that cause fears, phobias or bad habits. Through a series of lessons, normally ranging from 6-20, and covering 4-8 topics, you are able to "desensitize" yourself to the problem(s) you are addressing.

You used to only go to the casino with a group of friends, for fun, but lately you find that you're stopping there almost every night on your way home. You've admitted to yourself that you have a "problem" but Gamblers Anonymous just isn't for you. Following a bit of online research, you've found a reasonably priced self-help DVD that offers a means to a "cure" via self-hypnosis. By first exploring the reasons for your gambling addiction (loss of self-confidence, boredom, unrealistic feelings of control) and then offering ways to overcome and control it, you are now gambling free. Using "trigger" words and actions, as well as subliminal cues, it took only four weeks to gain control over this costly habit.

The ability to control your state of mind, through self-hypnosis, is a valuable tool, indeed.

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