Hypnosis – You have to be positive

Though hypnosis has come a long way since the pocket-watch-swinging gag it used to be, there is still a commonly held belief that hypnosis doesn't work. However, hypnosis is actually a normal and natural state. Have you ever driven along a route you take frequently and realized, when you reached your destination, that you don't remember the drive? This is one of the naturally occurring forms of hypnosis. Contrary to popular opinion, hypnosis can work for just about anyone - according to the World Health Organization, 90 percent of the general population can be hypnotized.

If that is the case, why does hypnosis not seem to work for some people? One of the primary reasons hypnosis fails is due to the attitude of the subject. If you do not believe hypnosis will work, then it most likely will not work for you. This is because hypnosis is a state of mind. Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis relax your brain waves and induce a state of hyper-suggestibility, which allows certain thoughts and ideas to take hold of your subconscious mind and remain there. If you are against the idea of hypnosis and convince yourself that it won't work for you, your mind will not accept hypnotic suggestion.

When you are undergoing hypnosis, it is important to keep your mind as open as possible. There are three keys to using hypnosis successfully: self-motivation, believable suggestions, and repetition. Self-motivation is perhaps the most important and essential key, because if you do not already possess the desire to change a habit or behavior, your subconscious will prevent you from making the change no matter how many hypnotic suggestions you receive. A positive attitude can mean the difference between success and failure in hypnotherapy.

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