My Smoking Habit Has Gone

I used to be a two-pack-a-day man but now, thanks to hypnotherapy, I can proudly say my smoking habit has gone. I started smoking as a teenager, because it was considered "cool." That's reportedly how 37 million other Americans started. Later in life, I smoked because it relieved stress and made me feel better. Now smoking is very "un-cool" and, in fact, my hometown has banned lighting up in all public places and restaurants, too. The statistics are amazing. There are 46 million smokers in the United States. Of those, 70% say they want to quit. This year, 440,000 Americans will die from smoking-related illnesses; 160,000 specifically from lung cancer.

With the pressure on, not to mention my family's constant nagging, I decided to explore hypnotherapy. I knew I needed a complete mental makeover to rid myself of this nasty habit. The cost of online, self-help CDs and DVDs range from $5.00 (used) to upwards of $1,250.00 for a "guaranteed" package.

I found the hypnotherapy related to smoking cessation was pretty much the same, no matter which company I chose. Before starting the actual hypnotherapy techniques, I learned about tobacco and the tobacco industry, as well as the physiology and mental stimuli of addiction. The meat of the coursework included exploring the real reason(s) people light up; finding alternatives to smoking; resetting your mind and thought control; overcoming the fear of cigarette dependency; and joining the smoke free population.

I must say I'm quite proud of myself. If I could, I'd pat myself on the back. Thirty-three years a smoker; two years smoke free. My smoking habit has gone, because I was able to alter my thought processes through hypnotherapy.

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