You Have to Believe in Hypnosis for it to Work

Who doesn't remember Peter Pan telling Wendy, John and Michael that they could fly if they only believe? Hypnosis works in just about the same way: if you believe it will work, then hypnosis will work for you—and you won't even need pixie dust! The power of positive thinking is evident in the field of hypnotherapy. There have been many hypnosis subjects whose sessions have failed simply because they went into them believing it wasn't going to work.

In order to understand why your thoughts affect the hypnosis process, you must first understand what hypnosis is—and what it is not. Simply put, hypnosis is a state of mind. Your brain waves are relaxed through hypnosis, which places your mind in a state of hyper-suggestibility. Hypnosis "opens" the door to your subconscious, which in turn allows suggestions to be implanted and take hold. Your subconscious mind controls all of your behaviors, habits, and impulses. This is why hypnosis is most powerful in changing behavior and beating addictions such as smoking and sweets.

When you believe that hypnotherapy will be beneficial and cure you of whatever you are trying to work on, you allow your mind to remain open to the possibility. This facilitates the hypnosis process and helps to ensure that the suggestions will be successfully implanted. Perhaps the most important ingredient to a successful hypnosis session is self-motivation: the belief that hypnosis will work, and that you actually want to break the habit or change the behavior. Once you are ready to believe that you are willing and able to make the change, and that hypnosis is your path to success, you will find your hypnotherapy sessions quite beneficial.

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