The Cause of Female Infertility is Complex

Infertility is looked at as a serious affliction both by doctors and by the woman who is affected by it. The doctor – because he/she known this is a very complex situation and it will take a lot of time to find out where exactly Mother Nature went wrong in the system of that woman; the woman – because it is a burden that can push into heights of depression.

Cause of Female Infertility – Some Critical Factors

The reproductive system in a women’s body is a very complex system which can malfunction from any side. Unfortunately, there are even instances when the reproductive system is perfect, and still conceiving is not possible. What are the possible causes?

1. Body structure: When a woman is too small built and the pelvis is not well formed, sometimes this points to a faulty reproductive system as well. Also, there are possibilities that there are some deficiencies in the anatomy of the woman, such as blockage of the passage, fibroid uterus, tumor in the uterus, cervical cancer, and so on.

Many of these factors can be remedied with surgeries and/or medication. Once the anatomical defects are cleared, it is easy to conceive a baby in the normal and natural process of reproduction.

2. Faulty functioning of the reproductive system: a leading cause of female infertility is the malfunction of one or more organs that make the reproductive system. Sometimes the uterus does not permit the attachment of the zygote, the cervical mucus can kill the sperm with its acidity, the fallopian tubes can be blocked and hence these stop the egg from reaching the womb, and so on.

These afflictions too can be in most cases, corrected by medicine and/or surgery. When the malfunction does not respond to medication, is when you need to start worrying about the next step.

3. Unknown reasons: Many times the cause of female infertility is unknown. This is the scariest diagnosis because when you are faced with it, you really do not know what to do. And the inability to fight back is the worst possible situation a person can find himself/herself in. Thankfully only a very small percentage of women all over the world (less than 10 percent) will be diagnosed with unexplained infertility. In most cases the cause of female infertility will be pointed out clearly by tests and medical check ups.

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