An Infertility Center Can Help

The worst nightmare for a woman is not to be able to have a baby when she wants to have one. There is such a pain in the inability to bear children that it cannot be described in words. Thankfully today there are many an infertility center that can do wonders in this aspect. But when it is the right time to go to an infertility center? How do you know when your time to try on your own has run out?

Do Not Wait

Many times women are so caught up in the fight to reach the peak of their careers that the biological aspect of their bodies, such as sex, marriage, having babies takes a back seat. Actually when you start your career at 20 plus, by the time you are 30 and when it is the best time to marry and have babies, you actually need to make the right moves and work the hardest to establish your career. Many times this leaves the plan for child rearing very low on the list of priorities.

Many women wait till they are forty or very close to forty before they start thinking of having a baby. Having a baby at 40+ is okay - if you had a baby earlier in your life. But starting the job the 40 is usually a very bad idea. This is because in some women pre-menopause symptoms might be starting to show symptoms, and hence reduce fertility. Other factors are that the body is unable to really cope with the changes that are required for having a baby.

Couple Tests for Fertility

When you have had unprotected sex for six months to one year and you have not conceived, it is time you had a check up fertility in a good infertility center. In most cases, women take the onus of having the malfunctioning system and they are the first to undergo the battery of tests that check the fertility levels. This can take anything between one month to three months to rule out all and every possibility. If then the woman is found okay, the doctor turns to the man.

It is better that the fertility tests be done both on man and woman at the same time. This not only saves a lot of time, but also surprisingly creates a very close bonding. It has been found that many times, the infertility tests have brought an unexpected closeness between man and woman.

You should also avail of the counseling sessions that the infertility center has to offer. The counseling can give you a lot of strength during this disappointing time; it also will point you to a number of possible alternatives for achieving your goal.

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