Infertility Insurance – Are You Covered?

Infertility insurance varies from state to state. Here are the states that have an outlined and well defined law about infertility insurance:

Arkansas: By law in Arkansas all insurance companies require that all maternity benefits cover vitro fertilization as well.

California: The Californian law requires certain insurance companies but not all, to offer coverage for infertility diagnosis and treatment. Also employers are not forced by law to provide infertility insurance plans.

Connecticut: The law here says that individual and group health insurance needs to provide infertility insurance for diagnosis and treatment only for the period of one year of unsuccessful trying.

Hawaii: Hawaii law provides infertility insurance that covers a one time only benefits for vitro fertilization.

Illinois: The law in Illinois requires insurance companies to cover benefits for infertility diagnosis and treatment.

All other above mentioned states cover infertility insurance one way or the other as per the examples given. However it should be noted that all states have different requirements to qualify for those benefits and all of these details can be found with the insurance company or online.

It is important to outline clearly the infertility insurance that is provided by the insurance company at the time you draw the contract. If your employer is the one who provides you with medical insurance, be sure to ask for a copy of the contract (not a summary as some employers provide) and check for yourself all terms and conditions.

Which Insurance Company Covers Infertility?

It is a common misunderstanding that some companies cover infertility insurance while others don’t. In fact, it is your employer (as most of us have our medical/health insurances drawn by our employer) who chooses these options; so you must make sure that such a clause is included should you ever have a need for one.

If you are looking for an insurance plan by yourself, the wise thing to do is not to mention to the insurance company that you are looking for infertility insurance as they have the right to deny your application in the first stage. Most insurance companies will not take someone who is liable or is suffering from infertility and provide infertility insurance.

Research and get a specialized lawyer should you decide to take on an infertility insurance battle. There are many laws that can be turned against you should you not be aware of them; at the same time there are many other laws that will work to your benefit as well.

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