What Is An Infertility Problem?

An infertility problem is defined clinically as the inability to conceive and carry a child to full term with a pregnancy. If you have had a year of unprotected sexual intercourse or are over 35 years of age and can’t conceive, you may have an infertility problem.

At least 15% of all people have an infertility problem at some point in their life and there can be many causes for the infertility. Most of the problems can be diagnosed and treated and can help you to conceive your child. If you are having problems conceiving with your partner you can take some treatment steps and this can be done by a knowledgeable infertility doctor. The best doctor to go to is called a reproductive endocrinologist. This type of doctor has taken additional years of educational programs with infertility.

What If You Have Concerns With Ethical or Religious Concerns?

If you have concerns about the ethical practices of the treatment program or the religious concerns, you should talk to your physician. They can help you to decide what the best options are and will explain to you that the technology treatment plans are safe. Usually these methods are highly effective and actually very simple. As a matter of fact, only three percent of all infertile patients undergoing any type of treatments ever have to undergo the sophisticated treatments. These are the treatments found in laboratories.

How to Figure Out If You Have an Infertility Problem

Either you or your partner may have a medical condition preventing the ability to conceive and it can involve both of you. Your doctor will first want to know in-depth about the history in your life and will want to follow the history up with a physical examination. Once the examination is complete, you will go through some diagnostic testing and will develop the appropriate treatment plan for your infertility problem.

The woman’s age is going to play an important part in determining the possibility for a successful pregnancy. As a woman ages their fertility abilities will decline and if you are over 35 years of age you should seek an infertility specialist as soon as possible. If the woman is the person in your relationship who has the infertility problem the doctor will begin by measuring the fertility potential of the eggs with a simple blood test.

Once these steps have initially been taken you will be able to find out what the problem is. The problem may be something simple and may be able to be fixed by simply changing your life patterns. At this point you will be able to know what you options are and can start planning on which solution will help your infertility problem.

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