Interesting Infertility Statistics

You may want to know what some of the infertility statistics are and this article is going to give you some facts to help you base your decisions to your infertility problem. We often hear about what can be done, but we don’t know what the statistics are for successful conception. Maybe some of these facts can shed some light on your problem and help you to see what the success rates are in the form of infertility statistics.

Did You Know Jewish Women Have Lower Fertility Rates?

Yes, it’s true that Jewish women have a lower fertility rate than the rest of the human population. This is because a Jewish woman often marries later in life than our Americans do. When women get married later in life, they are older and this effects how well the will be able to conceive. Age is a major factor in infertility problems and Jewish women have already aged enough when they get married for problems to already be a factor.

Infertility statistics indicate Jewish women marry later in life because they want to go to college and get graduate degrees and start on their careers. Because there is strong religious and ethnical belief systems with the Jewish origin, the women are not having children at younger ages.

What Are The Costs Of Infertility Treatments?

Some more interesting infertility statistics are given on the cost of the treatment programs available today. There was an article written by the Cincinnati Enquirer who referred to the children conceived by these procedures as “$10,000 Babies”. Infertility treatments are very costly and often insurance premiums don’t cover the treatments. There are certain groups of people who participate in these types of treatments.

Women who have been able to participate in a treatment program have many reasons for being able to do so. Sometimes a woman will leave the job that she loves and go with the employer who is offering fertility benefits. Many couples will travel to Mexico, Canada or Europe to get fertility drugs and hope to trade medications over the internet with other infertile couples. Some people will take out a huge loan in hopes of conceiving.

Infertility statistics indicate most people seeking infertility treatments have access to high amounts of money or will switch their careers to get insurance coverage. These types of treatments are not cheap by any means and many people don’t have access to this type of money.

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