You Are Not Alone: The Infertility Support Group

Support groups have come into vogue in the last two decades. Unfortunately, they have also been stamped with the negative image as being a meeting place for the afflicted and those looking to escape from reality by joining with other individuals who can’t “hack it.” Ignore that type of ignorant, banal criticism. If one has a condition that has made one depressed and confused, support groups are an excellent resource for overcoming the (self imposed) limitations a condition may infuse.

In recent years, infertility has continued to remain a problem plaguing women in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that there has been a protracted growth of the presence of the infertility support groups in communities the world over and there are quite a number of positive reasons as to why joining an infertility support group is highly beneficial.

You Are Not Alone

Probably the most significant and important reason for joining an infertility support group (or any support group for that matter) is that if one is surrounded by other people who are struggling with the similar difficulties and the resultant ancillary problems that are born out of it; the feeling of being alone in the world shrinks and when this feeling of loneliness is reduced, then it starts to lose its power and grip over the person who is afflicted by it.


When this demoralizing power of the feeling of being alone in the world starts to lose its grip (a result of the support drawn from other individuals within the infertility support group) the individual afflicted with infertility can regain a clear perspective on how to deal with the problem of infertility.

A clear perspective is a major component needed to seek proper treatment. If depression and loneliness are overwhelming, they will cloud a person’s mind and though process when said person seeks medical care. A clear head is paramount in this instance and this is where an infertility support group provides a direct benefit to overcoming infertility: it helps gets the members of the group’s heads straightened out.


If an individual is caught up in the difficult situation of having to deal with the issue of infertility, then seeking out an infertility support group is highly recommended. It is the starting point to where one can achieve a sense of liberation from the grip infertility can hold over one’s life.

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