How to Take an Infertility Test

There are many ways to conduct an infertility test and some of them can be done and monitored right from your home. If you don’t know if you are fertile or not and want to start a family, these tests will be able to help out.


* Ovulation Tests or Ovulation predictor Kits – These kits are very accurate and allow you to pin point the most fertile time of the month. Very easy to use it can greatly improve the chances of getting pregnant. The ovulation predictor kit works by detecting the luteinizing hormone; women experience an increase in this hormone just before ovulation. By detecting the luteinizing hormone you know your most fertile period is for the next 36 hours.

* FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) infertility test – these tests are designed for women with high level of FSH associated with infertility. This is an effective test to determine if the infertility is caused by this hormone; some women with high level FSH will experience hot flashes or miss periods.

* Male infertility test is done by evaluating the sperm count. Low sperm count is an indication of infertility. There is a test that men can use right from their home. It is the FertilMARQ male fertility test kit and it determines if the sperm count is above or below 20 million sperm cells per milliliter.

There are many other tests which can be done in addition to those listed above and the best way to determine which test is right for you is to consult with your doctor. Infertility test can be a laborious process at times while at other times may be very quick and precise. While the doctors today have extensive knowledge and resources to test and pin point infertility problems with high tech infertility tests, there may be unknown factors and those may take longer to determine and solve.

Stress Issues

Infertility is a growing problem which occurs in both men and women. When conducting an infertility test try to get a vacation during which you can be stress free at least of the daily mundane problems and chores. Stress plays a major role in infertility mostly in men and can affect the body’s biological makeup.

An infertility test should be closely monitored by yourself if you are conducting it at home or by your doctor. Always start such tests and procedures along with your partner, as they can be stressful and emotionally draining. You will need support along the way, in the form of encouragement and love.

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