At Home Infertility Testing

Most topics out on the internet discuss infertility problems found in women, but a good majority of men are the contributing factors to infertility. The only way to find out if the man has the infertility problem is for him to go through infertility testing. This procedure is painless and involves screening the sperm for quantity, quality and lifespan of the sperm. You can purchase a male infertility test you can use at home as part of the infertility testing option.

What the Male Infertility Test Will Tell You

As far as infertility testing goes, this method of infertility testing is a quick and convenient way to test the concentration of the sperm in the male semen. This method of infertility testing will measure the sperm as being above or below the cutoff of twenty million sperm cells per milliliter. If the test is taken and there are two test results showing the sperm count as being less than twenty million cells per milliliter this may be an indication that the male is infertile.

One of the major reasons that a male is unable to father a child is because there is a low amount of sperm in his semen. How much sperm concentration exists will tell you and your physician whether or not you have the problem with infertility. This is a very easy and convenient way of being able to save yourself money and will also help your doctor to identify the potential of a low sperm count causing infertility. Taking this infertility test can meet speeding up the process of having a child.

Reasons Why a Man May Require Infertility Testing

You may not be able to conceive a child if the man’s sperm concentration is low, is inactive or incompletely formed. There can also be high levels of other cells in the semen interfering with the fertilization process. All of these reasons contribute to the need for infertility testing and can be done in the privacy of your own home. This test is easy to use and the directions are easy to follow. You can have the results in as soon as five minutes and can speed up the solutions with your doctor handling the infertility.

If infertility testing shows the sperm count is good and there are no further problems with the male reproductive system, the problem could be found in the female reproductive areas. Further testing with your doctor will identify any other problems with the male reproductive areas and can then help you to decide the next areas in need of infertility testing.

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