An Unconventional Infertility Treatment – Adoption

Sure we have heard of in-vitro fertilization, sperm donors, Clomid and other medications as some routes taken for infertility treatment, but what about adoption?

Yes, it technically is not an infertility treatment, but it does provide a solution to a couple that wants to raise children. It may sound like a last resort for those couples undergoing cycle after cycle of infertility treatment, but to some it seems like nature’s way of telling them they were destined to provide a loving home for children even if they are not biologically theirs.

These are some of the factors to consider when contemplating adoption:

It is Not Painless

It may not include needles and medications with side effects that a conventional infertility treatment may have, but adoption is not painless. The emotional drain of coming to this life-changing decision and then choosing a child can take a toll on any ones health.

It is Not Cheap

Couples expect huge medical bills if their insurance doesn’t cover an infertility treatment, but usually do not anticipate the costs associated with adoption. Paperwork, travel expenses and stocking up on baby supplies can add up.

It is Not Simple

It can be difficult to include the traditions of the adopted child especially if they are very different from yours. Holidays, names, food and dress are some areas adoptive parents might need to consider if they want to preserve their new baby’s heritage.

It is Not Guaranteed

But neither is any infertility treatment. You might not qualify for an adoption, you might change your mind, and the child may have a disability you might not be able to handle and several other factors.

It can be hard to convince yourself, your other children and your family members. With an infertility treatment, sympathy is on your side. With adoption, your family might be very co-operative and encouraging. However, they might also be very cautious in not letting your hopes soar too high or fears of the adopted child not ‘fitting in’ with siblings and grandparents.

It is Rewarding

After all the pros and cons have been weighed and the realities of adoption accepted, it can be an immensely satisfying experience for families who choose to go ahead with it. The joy of providing an innocent child with a home that he or she might not have otherwise had is difficult to quantify. And there have been so many cases of how infertile couples have conceived soon after adopting because their minds and bodies were more at peace.

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