Important Facts about Male Infertility Treatment

Today with the male infertility treatment, a large number of men can still inseminate their partners effectively. However there are many other causes for male infertility for which the treatment may not be as successful. This article will briefly discuss some of the causes for male infertility and discuss the issue.

Cause of Infertility in Men

The most common cause (about 15% of men suffer from it in all age groups from teenagers to mature men) is ‘varicoceles’ which is a group of dilated veins usually around the left testis even though both testicles can be affected. There are also other causes such as blockages, infections, hormonal disorders, and exposure to substances that are toxic for sperm.

Male Infertility Treatment: What it Does

A very high percentage of men can be treated. There are a number of treatments depending on the infertility issue.

* Intracytoplasmic sperm injection was introduced not long ago giving hope to almost every man with a fertility problem. Since in the majority of cases the man still has some sperm present in his ejaculate, the issue really is when to start the treatment rather then which treatment to apply.

* Gluco-corticoid therapy for sperm auto-immunity and gonadotrophin treatment for gonadotrophin deficiency result only with 50% success.

* The simplest of treatments in male fertility treatment is artificial insemination. This is usually done with almost 100% success of insemination.

There are other male infertility treatments which involve surgery:

* Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS) * Vasography * Testis biopsy

Starting Treatment

Male infertility treatment begins only after a series of tests and exams determining the exact cause of infertility. The causes of infertility being so vast everything needs to be taken in consideration; a full background history, diets, habits, sexual habits and practices are some of them

Male infertility treatment can a long and stressful treatment sometimes with negative results due to which this process should only be started in a team with your partner from whom one will need all the support one can get.

With the advanced technologies and resources doctors are very optimistic when the infertility lies with man then with the woman in a relationship however, if everything fails in the male infertility treatment, there is always hope in the noble action of adoption.

Do not leave out any solution by checking all your options with your doctor or independently online. There are a number of specialized institutes who can guide you step by step through your options and choices for the right male infertility treatment for you.

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