Can You Connect Metformin with Infertility?

Infertility is a great tragedy for many but it is also a valuable lesson in life not to take anything for granted. Many times we do not realize what wonderful gifts we have until they are taken from us. I have known women who have undergone several abortions in their young days only to find that they became infertile in their mid thirties.

There is an Option

There are many reasons why women are infertile; some natural and some induced. Whatever may be the causes, it is devastating to learn that you cannot have children when you want to have one. It is a heartbreaking feeling and one that I would not wish for anyone in the world. There are no words that can describe the pain one must feel upon discovering this.

Just a few decades ago, the most common medication for infertility in women was gonadotropin triggering hormones and clomiphene citrate. Today the science has advanced by leaps and bounds, and every day there is something more added to the arsenal we have for fighting off this affliction. It has been found that metformin is extraordinarily potent when the woman is infertile and at the same time has problems with blood sugar. If you look at this, you can definitely link metformin with infertility.

Finding a Connection

In my office there is always a great mess on my table where I keep all my important documents in visible places, so I would not miss them. I found whenever I look for something, however, I often get something totally different from what I was searching in the most unlikely place. In the same manner, medicine has been used to treat one thing, only to find that it works wonderfully on something else. This is how women find a connection between metformin with infertility.

This is why doctors confidently use metformin with infertility when they have doubts that sugar could be playing an important role in the affliction. Though not always right, metformin with infertility has a true ring when it comes to diabetics. There have been too many success stories to ignore the contribution of this medicine to the capacity of reversing the infertility diagnosis.

This has happened with many other medicines, such as Letrozole which is used for breast cancer, Dostinex for women with prolactin problems, and so on. Sometimes the greatest discoveries in medicine are by accident.

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