What Exactly is a Sign of Infertility?

Infertility actually has no outward signs. The fact that a couple does not have children after a certain period of time of unprotected sex shows that one or both may be infertile. When couples fail in natural methods, and feel that there is something wrong, they usually go to the doctor for a thorough check up. In this way the doctor can find out whom and what could be the causes of the inability of that couple to have a baby.

Advance Warnings of a Sign of Infertility

I have heard this question so many times. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can tell you in advance that you are infertile unless you are taking the entire test prescribed by the doctor for the right diagnosis. There is no actual sign of infertility.

However, there are reports that point at the possibility to predict infertility by checking out the cervical mucus. There are many reports which have proves beyond any doubt that the sperm cannot move on its own towards the egg. In this journey, the cervical mucus plays a major role. It was seen that where the cervical mucus is absent or in very little quantity the sperm does not reach to the egg, hence resulting into infertility.

Reports have also pointed that when the cervical mucus is acidic that conceiving is not possible because the sperm is killed by the acid in the mucus. Only when the mucus is alkaline is it possible for the sperm to perform efficiently.

Real Sign of Infertility or Urban Myth?

I married when I was 17 years old and my husband was 22 years old. We were madly in love, but highly immature and totally and forever broke. So, we had decided that we will not have babies until and unless we can first of all behave like adults. Ten years had passed and we had still not produced a child. It was then that my grandmother advised something extremely simple; a quite efficient way to check the best time to conceive.

She told me to check on the cervical mucus noting that when it is curdled there is no chance to conceive (that is the ‘safe’ period for sex). When the mucus is transparent and it sticks to the fingers just as normal mucus would, that signifies the time that you are most likely to conceive. I used that formula and today I have two wonderful girls thanks to a simple test. Many others use that test to demonstrate either a sign of infertility or a sign that conception is possible.

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