When It Comes To Smoking and Infertility, You Should Quit Smoking

If you are having problems with infertility and you don’t know what is wrong, this information is for you. Smoking can cause serious injuries to the body and this is not limited to just your lungs. Smoking can be a leading factor in why you are not able to conceive and if you haven’t quit already, you will find out with the explanations why you should quit. Aside from smoking being bad all the way around, it can particularly affect your reproductive system in both men and women.

How Smoking Can Affect Your Reproductive System

What you are about to read is a general summary of the knowledge we currently have about smoking and infertility. This article certainly doesn’t cover every single aspect about smoking and infertility, but it can give you good reasons why you should not be smoking if you are having infertility problems.

All of what you are about to read was found through studies published with over twenty different accounts of the adverse effects that tobacco has on fertility. There are several different substances found within tobacco products and many of these substances are toxic. Smoking effects how the egg matures, ovulation rates and the fertilization rates in mice; there were also more chromosomal abnormalities in the eggs exposed to nicotine.

The overall quality and number of eggs are reduced in the women who are smokers. When it comes to smoking and infertility, there are numbers of follicles reduced for vitro fertilization and there are fewer eggs retrieved in this process. There are lower rates of eggs being fertilized in treatments and an increased rate of miscarriages.

There Is Some Evidence in Males Who Smoke Tobacco Products

When a male smokes, there are decreased success rates for treatment options and although they are unsure how it directly affects the sperm, they are now pretty positive the sperm count is lower and there are more abnormalities with the sperm. This can also effect how easily the female will be able to get pregnant and can be the reason why the couple is not conceiving.

There isn’t enough evidence supporting second hand smoke and tests are still being done in this area. There also isn’t enough evidence to prove any theories on what happens to an embryo when it ingests second hand smoke. However, if you can have complications from first hand smoke, you can assume second hand smoke will not be much better. This information should help you to make better decisions about smoking because now you know how smoking and infertility can work together.

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