Easy Answers to Complicated Problems: Thyroid and Infertility

Infertility treatments always mean a lot of money, a lot of effort and what is worse a lot of disappointment. From the moment a couple learns that they suffer of this affliction, they start thinking of the next step to fight against it. The more the ability of having a baby is less, the more the couple will actually long to have one. It is hard to accept such a hard truth, or to give up in front of it. Hence, most couples choose to go for treatment, even if it means so much pain and expense.

Simple Answers – The Connection between Thyroid and Infertility

Many times doctors fail to see the connection between the thyroid and infertility and end up in prescribing one or many of the expensive but possibly successful infertility treatments available today with most advanced clinics. The process is costly and has most of the times no more than a 50 per cent success rate; though actually it is much less in reality.

Before going into the most sophisticated treatments, wait for while and check your thyroid. Many times hypothyroidism (or in simple language, low thyroid) is actually the cause for your not conceiving; just checking this aspect and treating it can work as magic for you. It is always worth a try, since it costs hardly anything and it can save you a great bundle, besides sparing you of the ensuing disappointment since none of the infertility treatments would actually work if you suffer from thyroid.

The Connection between Thyroid and Infertility: When to Suspect It

Even before you go to an infertility clinic or doctor to complain about your inability to conceive, check out the following list, and if you answer YES for two out four, then by all means first go for the thyroid test:

1. have somebody in your family suffering from thyroid 2. have period which come at irregular intervals 3. have had unprotected sex for the last 6 months at least, with no results 4. have had a history of miscarriages

The good news is that once the thyroid levels come to normal, you can conceive as easy as anybody without any extra help of medication. It is well worth it to find out for yourself if you have a thyroid and infertility problem before the problem cannot be medically repaired. Please find out today.

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