Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility

Some of the worst tragedies are not when the doctor tells you that you cannot have a child; but when they tell you that they do not know why you cannot have a child. There are many times when the doctor is as baffled as you are as to what could be reason you are not being able to have a baby. This predicament is called an unexplained infertility.

What is Unexplained Infertility?

When a couple finds that a year or two passes and they are not having children like normal people, they visit the doctor to find out ‘what is wrong’ with them. Since infertility really has no outward symptom, the doctor will prescribe a number of tests both for the man as well as the woman which will test each and every critical aspect of the reproductive system in search for the answer.

There are times when all the tests come back as “normal”, thereby giving you no clue to why infertility is present in your life. This is what the doctor will label as unexplained infertility. This is surprisingly more painful than the actual diagnosis of a particular type of infertility because it leaves you with no clue on what you can do about it.

What Can Be Done with an Unexplained Infertility?

Basically, you can do nothing against unexplained infertility because you have nowhere to start from. The best thing you can do though is to get a second opinion. If you get the same answer, go for herbal remedies that boost your immune system, sexual libido, and fertility on both partners. This recourse is best arrived at after you repeat all the tests for infertility at least twice in good medical labs.

Is There a Solution to Unexplained Infertility?

If you look at it, unexplained infertility means there is nothing wrong with you or your partner. So, in black and white there is no reason why you should not conceive. Hence, you can go for any modern hi-tech intervention such as GIFT, IVF, ZIFT, etc and try your luck there. For people who have no problems at all, the success rate is extremely high because the medicine actually assists in the fecundation of the egg, as well as planting of the zygote in the womb, both most critical phases in achieving pregnancy. Hence, if you get a hand at the worst part, there are a lot of chances that you will do well for the rest of the journey.

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