Lasik stands for “Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis”. Keratomileusis means the carving of the cornea in order to reshape it. This is the heart of Lasik and why their procedures work the way that they do. Laser eye surgery is the most effective type of eye corrective surgery. The laser that is used with Lasik is the most advanced laser in the world; excimer. This laser was specifically designed for Lasik procedures and does the job with amazing success.

The reshaping of the cornea is the entire process when it comes to Lasik. By reshaping the cornea, they are essentially changing the entire way that your vision and eyes function. This may sound like a dangerous procedure at first but it is completely safe and successful each and every time. There are very few side effects and instant results! There are not many other procedures that can give you these results.

No matter what type of vision impairment you are suffering from, reshaping your cornea is a great solution. Lasik has at their disposal the newest and most advanced technology in the world. Not only has this they also have the best eye doctored in the world. In order for a procedure to work to its full extent, the best doctors in the world are required. Lasik can be a complicated procedure depending on the extent of your vision impairment, but always a procedure that can be done.

This type of procedure is a one time procedure. You will never have to go back and have it redone time and time again. Reshaping your cornea is a procedure that can be undone or redone but never has to be. This procedure has the smallest complication statistics when compared to the other eye surgeries. With only a 5% complication rate, this procedure is one that you can go ahead with, without feeling doubt or fear.

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