Lasik Complications

As with any eye procedure, you will find some, but few Lasik complications with their laser eye surgeries. In regards to Lasik alone, only 5% of laser eye surgery patients encounter complications following the surgery. The risks are low, but there are risks when it comes to any type of surgery. There are 6 main complications that occur for some people when it comes to laser eye surgery.

•   Light sensitivities •   Contract sensitivity •   Regression •   Irregular astigmatism •   Halos or glare

These may not sound like serious complications but if they are irreversible than you may reconsider. Some of these complications may be experienced only briefly as a side effect following the surgery and then your vision will be restored to normal. Those 5% who experience these as side effects and they continue on for a length of time have endured laser complications.

Complications regarding laser eye surgery or any other eye surgery are rare. This is something that you must remember. Laser eye surgery is for the most part a simple procedure that millions of people have recovered from with great success. The few that do encounter any type of complications do have the option to undergo the laser treatment for a second time. This in many cases can reduce the complications. This is however, an option that most people choose not to take. These complications can be learned to live with.

Lasik has the fewest patients with laser eye surgery complications in comparison to the many other styles of laser eye surgery available today. If you are looking into laser eye surgery for yourself, this is a factor that you should consider. You should choose a style with the least amount of known complications. Make your vision better by making the right decision.

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