Why women should buy life insurance

No woman would like to leave her dependents in a lurch, should something happen to her. A life insurance settlement can pay for mortgages, household expenses, education; it can supplement savings and take care of a million other things. Without this money coming in, chances are the family would have to resort to drastic measures to take care of expenses. These are strong reasons why women should buy life insurance. . However, most women are so lost in their careers and in looking after their families that they rarely think of life insurance. They leave it to their husbands to buy life insurance for themselves. This is a great pity. Life insurance is almost a necessity, yet one in every four American families lack an insurance cover. And others do not have adequate coverage.

The other question that arises is: when should a woman buy life insurance? The answer is: it is never be too early for an insurance policy. Consider the scenarios listed below. Chances are you will fall into one slot or the other.

1. Single mom with young children: If you happen to be a single mom with small children, then life insurance is imperative. As the sole breadwinner, you are your kids' only anchor. Your children's future depends on you. Should anything happen to you, your life insurance will help them carry on with their education and life till they reach a stage where they can take care of themselves.

2. Young married woman with children: If you fall in this category chances are you are at a stage in life where your debts are high and savings low. A life insurance will provide a safety net that will be more than welcome if one of the earning spouses were to die. The insurance money can help the surviving spouse to carry on with the bill payments and child support.

3. Married woman with children in college: This is a tough situation to be in without a life insurance. The unexpected death of one spouse and therefore a source of income, could force the surviving spouse to dig into retirement savings, if any, to pay for college expenses. A life insurance here could be God-sent for your child's education.

Even if you do not have children, an insurance policy is a good idea. That way, when you leave, you leave no debts behind. Your insurance will make sure of that.

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