Finding Light Therapy Experts

If you are interested in trying light therapy you don’t need an expert or a doctor to approve your trying the treatment. You do not need a doctor to prescribe the light box or the fluorescent tubes for it. Generally the light boxes come with their own directions and are based on the wattage of the bulbs and the extent of your depression or other malady that may respond to light therapy. Despite the fact that you do not need an expert to help you with the light therapy process you may want the approval of someone that is considered an expert and it’s not a bad idea.

You can start with your psychologist or even your general practitioner. While their experience with light therapy may be limited they will likely share with you that many people have found the therapy to be very beneficial and it is worth a try. If your doctors are into natural treatments at all you will typically find that they are very receptive to the idea and may be able to recommend a resource for all of your light therapy needs.

If you want some more information from light therapy experts you might want to browse around the Internet and read articles and such that have been written by doctors from all around the world. You will likely be moved by their statements and even more excited to get started with your light therapy treatments. There are also a couple books out that you may be able to order via the Internet as well as from online book stores, if you are interested. Light therapy is very helpful to a lot of people and you will find that self proclaimed experts as well as patients will attest to this again and again.

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