Light Therapy Helped Me

You may be looking for positive feedback if you are interested in trying light therapy and chances are you will get more positive than negative feedback. The fact is, three quarters of the people that attempt light therapy report that it helped them tremendously and they were able to start living life again. Of the one quarter of the people who report no progress, they don’t say that light therapy hurt them; they just didn’t see a change.

The fact is most people will tell you “Light therapy helped me” because the vast majority does see major improvement. Light therapy has proven to work for those who suffer from depression, alcoholism, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and seasonal affective disorder. With such an astounding number of people who have benefited from light therapy, you too might as well give it a try! It is relatively inexpensive, it is not time consuming, and you can be one of the many who is able to say, ” Light therapy helped me too.”

The great thing about those who do benefit from light therapy is that they never have to stop. If you are helped by light therapy, you can use it to not only do away with your problems, but also to keep them from returning for a long time. There is no evidence that light therapy loses its effectiveness even if you continue its use for months or even years at a time. This means that not only can light therapy help you as it has helped so many others, but it can also change your life for the better indefinitely!

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