Light Therapy Options

There are many light therapy options available if you or your health care provider feel light therapy is right for you. Light therapy is primarily used to treat seasonal affective disorder, but may also be used to treat insomnia, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse, as well as other mental health concerns. Broad spectrum light exposure raises serotonin levels in the brain, improving mental health and function.

There are a number of options available as far as light therapy, so you’re sure to find one to fit your lifestyle and personal use. If you’re in a small space or need light therapy at the office, or just would like it at your home desk, a desk lamp may be right for you. Full size light boxes are available to light larger rooms. Compact size light boxes are also an option for travel or small space light therapy.

Another option may be to replace your standard light bulbs with full spectrum lights. Full spectrum fluorescent bulbs provide both pleasant light and reduce energy usage, so they’re a perfect solution for many people. This is also an excellent choice if you’d prefer to provide the benefits of light therapy to your entire family or have it available throughout your home or office.

Devices to simulate the natural changes in sunlight, called dawn/dusk simulators, are available, and may be especially helpful for those with sleep issues or those who find awaking on dark winter mornings particularly challenging. The dusk feature may help you unwind after a day in artificial lighting. A dawn/dusk simulator offers a gentle way to transition your body between sleep and waking patterns and will offer some of the benefits of light therapy.

If you’re considering light therapy for yourself or your family, one of these light therapy options is sure to be right for you. The benefits of light therapy can benefit the entire office or family, so consider integrating it into your life. Whether you use a small light box on your desk, full spectrum bulbs in all your lights, or a dawn/dusk simulator to make mornings a bit brighter, light therapy can make your life a lot more pleasurable.

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