Light Therapy

Light therapy is a form of innovative therapy that exposes individuals to brighter light than the amount of light one is normally exposed to indoors. Light therapy is used as a mood enhancer and is not a light that gives off dangerous ultraviolet rays like the sun. A light therapy session can be anywhere from as little as a half hour to several hours, depending on an individual’s needs and it is used to assist individuals that are experiencing depression as a result of Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD).

Research has indicated that people undergo significant mood changes when they are exposed to different amounts of light. Further research indicates that people experience more depression during the months of winter when the people are exposed to less natural light due to the regular change of the seasons. Light therapy is a safe technique that has had astounding results with people that experience the effects of SAD.

Light therapy is offered to patients that are diagnosed with SAD; the individual partakes in light session where they are exposed to additional light from an indoor source in the early morning hours, in the evening or both: depending on the severity of one’s condition. Light therapy sessions are so safe that they can be done everyday during the winter months to keep the effects of SAD at bay. Furthermore, the benefits of light therapy include the reduction of anxiety, the elimination of depression and all of the side affects that accompany depression.

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