When to Use Light Therapy

Light therapy is recommended for individuals that suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder as a safe form of treatment. People that have Seasonal Affect Disorder experience bouts of depression as a direct result from less exposure to natural light during the changing of seasons. Light therapy exposes such individuals to additional lighting, thereby reducing the symptoms of Seasonal Affect Disorder or eliminating the symptoms entirely.

Light therapy is usually conducted during the winter months when the days are shorter than the days in summer. Light therapy sessions are often conducted in the early morning hours, right after waking, and in the evening hours: to ensure that the patient gets enough light. The amount of time spent in a light therapy session depends on the severity of the disorder the individual is experiencing. Some people only require 15 minutes of light therapy a day, while other individuals benefit from a couple of hours of light therapy on any given day. Finally, some individuals have lights that are specifically designed to expose them to more light gradually, throughout the morning hours or throughout the day. Consequently, light therapy sessions can occur without any extra effort on the part of the individual that requires it.

Since light therapy is conducted using indoor lighting, the patient is not exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. Light therapy has been proven quite successful in elevating the mood of individuals that suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder and it has been deemed a safe form of therapy for the seasonal condition.

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