Gauss Ratings and Magnetic Therapy

How do you know what magnetic therapy product is best for you and your bodily needs? When it comes to purchasing magnetic therapy products, every product will have its own gauss rating. Gauss ratings are determined by the product’s manufacturer and is basically a rating of how intense the electromagnetic field is in a particular product. Essentially, the higher the gauss rating is on any magnetic therapy product, the more intense the power of the magnet is.

Different materials are used to create different magnets. The materials contained in a magnet will directly affect the gauss rating of the magnet. Ceramic and Neodymium magnets are two types of magnets that are used in magnetic therapy products. Each of the two types of magnets outputs electromagnetic fields of differing intensities. Of the two, Neodymium magnets produce the most intense electromagnetic field: up to 11,000 to almost 13,000 gauss, while Ceramic magnets provide natural electromagnetic fields that are less intense, ranging from a little over 2,000 gauss, up to 4,300 gauss.

In the case of magnetic therapy, gauss rating can be deceiving. How so? First, just because a product has a low gauss rating, it doesn’t mean that the product will not have a powerful affect. In fact, when it comes to magnetic therapy, the size of the magnet is just as important as what the magnet is made of. Large magnets can be quite strong and effective, even if the amount of their gauss rating is low because larger magnets cover more bodily area.

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