Magnetic Therapy and the Therapist

Magnetic Therapy is the practice of treating various conditions like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, fatigue, headaches, hormone imbalances, insomnia and certain muscular conditions with the electromagnetic fields commonly produced by magnets. Although magnetic therapy can be done without the assistance of a professional, some individuals like the option of seeing a biomagnetic specialist. A specialist in magnetic therapy can offer unique and helpful suggestions and monitor a patient’s progress. Meanwhile, a specialist can make sure that a patient gets the most out of magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Therapists may work from a professional office or out of an office in their home. Often times, the first visit with a magnetic therapist will involve a complete workup on the patient. The therapist will interview the individual and question their medical history, to determine the best course of treatment for the patient. This is an important step, one the therapist cannot overlook; because the interview may reveal that an underlying condition exists that is not treatable with magnetic therapy. That being the case, the practitioner can then make the appropriate referrals.

After a series of questions are posed to the patient, the practitioner can then determine what kind of magnetic therapy and products will be most effective. Questions pertaining to diet, exercise, medical history, sleep experience, and stress are all posed by the therapist so the therapist can get a full picture of the individual’s lifestyle. Additionally recommendations pertaining to changes in diet, exercise, or stress reduction techniques can then be offered and used in conjunction with magnetic therapy.

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