Understanding Magnetic Therapy

Scientists have discovered that electromagnetic fields, those derived from natural sources like magnets, can actually have a positive affect on the human body. The electromagnetic fields produced by magnets can easily affect the ions or electro-chemicals within an individual’s body. The theory behind the use of magnetic devices is that ions possessing a positive charge move to an area in the body that is being affected by inflammation or pain and in turn, reduce the inflammation or pain that is occurring. The result; magnetic therapy helps treat painful bodily conditions by reducing or eliminating the pain one experiences.

According to research, studies suggest that the use of magnets also has other positive effects on the body. Not only do magnets produce electromagnetic fields that help ions work on bodily pain, but they also help open up restricted capillaries and promote circulation. An increase in circulation also has healing effects because oxygen can reach all of the cells in the body.

Magnetic therapy products are designed so that they can affect injured areas of the body and help the body restore the damaged area back to health. Such products are sold in a variety of sizes and certain products are aimed at treating a specific part of the body, like knee braces, back braces, elbow braces, and bracelets for the wrist. The number of magnets in a product tends to vary and each product will possess a particular gauss rating - a gauss rating measures the intensity of the electromagnetic field produced.

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