Peri Menopause Symptoms are Nothing to Fear

It is has always been said that knowledge is power and when you know you have less to fear. The same rule should then apply to peri menopause symptoms. There is in fact nothing to fear once you know what to expect, but remember that it is not always the expected that happens. Peri menopause symptoms often start off with you experiencing hot flushes. This is the beginning signs that you are heading towards the inevitable path of menopause.

The clear cut of it!

You will experience your period going all haywire on you. You might feel as though you are going through the same emotions as pregnancy but that is not the case. With the peri menopause symptoms your body is beginning the preparations for your menopause phase. It can sometimes be a very trying time but with help you can get through it with some ease. Women often fear when they are going through the peri menopause symptoms as all the emotions of knowing that you are heading to the end of your fertility cycle can be overwhelming.

But all it takes is some time to adjust to your new status as a woman. The most common signs of peri menopause are that your periods don’t come as regularly as they did before. While this might cause you some alarm it is pretty normal. Another on of the peri menopause symptoms is that you find that you are short tempered. Most women experience this and they have to deal with. Sometimes depression can also be another symptom that you experience. Furthermore there is the symptom of lack of sex-drive. You might find that your interest in sex has dwindled. This in no way means that there is something wrong with you. It just means that your partner has to give you the emotional support that you need to get through this rough patch.

Your body is making way

So all in all you are ready for the big plunge. If you feel uncertain then it is in your best interest to talk to someone who can understand what you are going through. There are many support groups that will help ease you into your menopause life. One thing you have to note is that you still have a chance of getting pregnant while you are going through peri menopause. So even though you do not want to think of this possibility it is something that you have to protect yourself against. The hot flushes and headaches can easily be dealt with, but the emotional turmoil will need some help.

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