Early Menopause Symptoms and Ways to Cope with It

Menopause is dreaded by all women not because it is the phase of life that marks the end of the fertility era of a woman, but because it brings so much upheaval both mentally and physically. The early menopause symptoms include hot flushes, wild and unexplained mood swings and irregular periods, heavy or scant bleeding and night sweats among others.

Recognizing the Onset of Menopause

As with all the physical developments in a human body, menopause too has a particular set time for setting in. Menopause usually starts around 45 to 50 years and hence the early menopause symptoms will be manifested around this age. Similar to the onset of puberty, the onset of menopause can be pretty confusing and distressing to those who are not prepared for it. Hence, the key to handling menopause is to know what it is about.

The Early Menopause Symptoms

Among the first signs is the irregularity of the menstrual circle. What was once coming once in a month will not manifest itself two and three times a month. In some cases it will altogether stop for 3-4 months and then start again like nothing happened. This occurs usually at 45-47 years of age, though it has been seen to happen as late as 50 years of age in some cases.

Understanding Depression

The early menopause or pre-menopause period is characterized by unpredictable and unexplained mood swings. Medically it is explained by the depletion of estrogen in the blood, since the ovaries are shutting down. This is why; it is recommended that women who have acute depression attacks take HRT or hormone replacement therapy to counteract it. However, it is important to take this medication only under medical supervision as hormones can play havoc with the body if the right balance is not achieved.

Taking Action with the Right Weapons

There are a lot of alternatives to medication to combat the symptoms of menopause and their efficiency differs from woman to woman. In order to find the best alternative for you, you need first to know what alternatives are available. You may use visit the doctor, the library and of course the Internet for this purpose. There is plenty of documentation around to give you information on menopause. In order to adapt to this change, you have to be fully informed. Ensure that you know what to do, much before the time comes so you can identify the early menopause symptoms and stay in charge of your life.

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